Best Mattress For Sciatica

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Sciatica pain can be immensely discomforting, and patients suffering from it commonly complain of having sleepless nights. The medical community and health experts unanimously agree to the fact that sleep is supposed to make your nights relaxing, leaving you fresh and recharged for your duties the next day. However, sciatica can make sleeping a tedious task. Fortunately for those who do not suffer from this condition, some patients suffering from severe instances of sciatica are known to remain sleepless for weeks, or even months altogether. Needless to say, not being able to have a sound sleep when you essentially need it only adds to the frustration, making the situation even worse. Nevertheless, there are ways in which the situation can be handled, and with the growing awareness, an increasing number of people are interested in finding ways to relieve themselves of the pain or to take control of it, so they can eventually be able to sleep again.

Sciatica Pain – Are You Suffering From Pain During Sleep?

Sciatica is largely affected by an individual’s posture, and it can be safely said that improper postures are majorly responsible for causing this pain. Moreover, if your body is accustomed to a certain posture, it finds relief in maintaining it, even if it is improper. The slightest movement on your part (when you are in sciatica pain) can result in aggravation of the pain, thus initiating pain throughout the sciatic nerve. When sleeping, your mind is at rest and therefore the postures are unmonitored. However, shifting when you are asleep can exert unnecessary pressure on the affected nerve, the results of which are most likely to be felt the next morning after you wake up.


Mattresses and Sciatica – Can Mattresses Be Blamed?

Technically, mattresses are rather tricky when it comes to sciatic nerve pain. While many of us prefer a comfortable and soft one that is capable of putting any person to sleep in a few minutes, in terms of sciatica, this implies that the sufferer is already slumbering before the disorder starts initiating. Therefore, if you are aiming for pain relieving methods, it would be best to opt for mattresses which work to keep your spine constantly aligned, thereby limiting movements.

Mattresses for Sciatica Patients

There is no generic answer to this question. However, most health experts suggest looking for a mattress that ensures holding your position when you are asleep, while also providing you with the amount of comfort you need to rest. The choice usually narrows down to wither buying foam mattresses or air-filled ones. However, these can be quite expensive (depending on what you choose to purchase), and therefore you must do your own research before you decide on buying one.


Buying Mattresses for Sciatica Pain Relief – Things to Avoid

It would be noteworthy to mention again that there is no generic rule that has to be followed here, and the answers really depend on what suits you. However, surveys and research has shown that box spring mattresses are amongst the worst choices you can make in this situation. Studies have shown that although these mattresses may look and feel comfortable during initial use, they gradually wear out and lose support. Additionally, you may also want to stay clear from soft mattresses, since these are known to be unable to offer support to the spine.


Mattresses for Sciatica Pain Relief – The 3 Best Ones

  • Foam – Mattresses made of foam ensure that your weight is distributed evenly throughout the body. This is essential if you are looking for pain relief caused by sciatica, since these mattresses prohibit the application of unwanted weight on your lower back. The product has been popularly voted as amongst the best available in mattresses, and you are free to choose anything from the wide variety of foam mattresses available, some common examples being memory foam, Temperpedic or latex foam.
  • Comfort Beds – Aka sleep number bed. However, there are mixed reactions to these accessories, and they are quite an investment. However, the framework is made to maintain the firmness of the mattress. Comfort beds are mostly preferred for side sleepers suffering from sciatica.
  • Dormia Beds – When it comes to home treatment methods for sciatica, these are rated to be the best mattress for Sciatica pain. Dormia beds are not only preferred because of the comfort they offer, but they also allow rising of certain parts of your body for strain relief. These beds are mostly appropriate for severe sciatica sufferers, helping them free themselves from recliners.

If you haven’t had a good night sleep in days, imagine how it would feel to be able to rest again. Buying mattresses or beds may require a little investment from your side in the beginning, but the results will definitely be worth the price.

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