Best Ways To Treat Sciatica – Identify and Avoid The Triggers

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Best Ways To Treat Sciatica

Sciatic pain is a relatively common pain, and is usually related to compressions caused along the sciatic vein. Inflammation is also a common cause, though the problem in most cases is occurs due to compressions. Interestingly, this nerve is longest as well as the largest in the body, and starts from the lower back until down the foot. And although this pain largely affects the lower back, sciatic pain can be felt across the line of the nerve.

Best Ways To Treat Sciatica
Doctors recommend painkillers and muscle relaxers for immediate relief. The most commonly recommended painkillers are Tylenol and Ibuprofen. However, a doctor may prescribe relatively stronger medications to patients depending on the intensity of the pain, Codeine being an example. Surgery is always considered the last resort in treatment of sciatica.

In addition to using medications or undergoing surgery, there are other ways to treat sciatic pain. These include change in your regular habits, in short, have a healthy lifestyle. There are a few activities and movements which can trigger sciatica in an individual, and therefore it is important to keep a check on your movements. For example, sitting for a prolonged time period is not a healthy habit, and can lead to sciatic pain. Additionally, if you are already suffering from the pain and your daily activities require you to do a lot of sitting, it would be a good idea to take a break every few minutes. Stand up and walk after about every 20 minutes. Changing your posture frequently and avoiding slouching ones can prove to be very effective in reducing this pain.

Flat sciatica shoesShoes are also known triggers, especially the ones with high heels. If you prefer to wear the same shoes every day to work or when going out, it may be a good idea to change the pattern for a while. Try mixing in some shoes, but ensure that you do not go for high heeled ones. The same also applies for men. Shoes with high heels exert pressure on the back of the leg, and this is the area where the sciatic nerve runs. Needless to say, this unnecessary pressure leads to triggering of sciatic pain.

Treating sciatic requires you to follow a simple rule – have the correct movements. This must be applied to all actions, regardless of whether you do them at home or work. For instance, when picking heavy objects, it is important to bend your knees and keep your back straight. Though bending from the waist seems simpler to many, this is an incorrect approach, and also exerts a lot of unnecessary pressure on the spine. The same is true when tying shoe laces. Therefore, it is always better to tie the laces with your knees bent rather than bending from your waist to do it.

Proper posture is the key to avoiding a variety of problems, even sciatic pain. Take a look at your profile in the mirror. Proper posture implies that your hips come in sync with your shoulders, which in turn should be aligned in accordance with your ears. This, in fact, is the ideal posture of an upright man. It is because of the prolonged sitting activities that we go on throughout our lives, our head and shoulders pout out, exerting pressure on the spine ligaments and vertebrae. This also causes the leg muscles to tighten, thereby adding extra pressure on the spine.

Undergoing proper and regular exercises is also another effective way of treating sciatica, although it is recommended that it be done in combination with other treatment options. Exercises alone cannot treat the pain entirely, but they are immensely effective since they speed up healing. There are a number of health experts who can suggest exercises for maintaining a proper posture, and if you find that you have difficulties in doing this yourself, it is always best to consult one of these professionals.

Sciatica exercises
Pain from sciatica can be very discomforting, and can sometimes result in disturbance of sleep. Here, the position in which you sleep plays an active role. People who usually sleep on their stomach are actually adding more stress to their neck, and this certainly will not help in treating sciatica. However, sleeping with the affected side up provides maximum relief, and is the recommended posture. Additionally, you may also try putting a pillow between your knees and sleeping on one side, but ensure that your head is in line with your body. Tilting your head up and down will not have any effect, since it spoils the overall body alignment.

It can safely be concluded that a proper posture provides significant benefits in maintaining optimal spinal health, as well as for minimizing sciatic signs in the body. Exercises are equally important, and they also help you maintain correct posture.

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