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Sciatica and Shoes – Your Shoes Can Be The Harbinger Of Pain

Sciatica and Shoes - Your Shoes Can Be The Harbinger Of Pain
Sciatica and Shoes Shoes are practically amongst the most common things that we use in our daily lives. Almost everyone wears a shoe, though some like it and others don't. Although this is a matter of personal choice, it is the society which imposes the need for us to wear shoes on a daily basis. If you are a sufferer of sciatic pain and are undergoing ... Full story

Sciatic Pain Causes – Herniated Discs

Sciatic Pain Causes - Herniated Discs
Sciatica Pain Caused by Herniated Discs Most people are affected by back pain and other radiculopathy issues in the lower body. Health experts largely believe sciatic pain to among the major causes. Sciatica results from discs which herniate. In the simplest terms, sciatic pain is defined as nerve pain or other related symptoms which source out from the spine, but also affect an individual’s legs, buttock ... Full story

The Sciatic Nerve and How It Can Ruin Your Life

The Sciatic Nerve and How It Can Ruin Your Life
Sciatic Nerve Pain Nerves are the most important part of our body as it helps us to move, to taste, to feel pleasure or pain. The working and functioning of nerve are fascinating and marvelous. The largest of all nerves is the sciatic nerve in our body. This nerve looks like a long braid ... Full story

Sciatica Warning – Don’t Sit On Your Wallet!

Sciatica Warning - Don't Sit On Your Wallet!
It's claimed that thick wallets are the main reason behind sciatica back pain. Is there truth in the claim that sciatica is caused by keeping a wallet at the back pocket? While it may be natural for some to be in discomfort when they are short of money, did you know that having too much money in your wallet could lead to pain and even surgery ... Full story

Causes of Sciatica – Piriformis Syndrome

Causes of Sciatica - Piriformis Syndrome
Sciatica caused by Piriformis Syndrome Let us understand about Piriformis syndrome. To understand it you must be familiar with vital anatomic structures, the sciatic nerve and the Piriformis muscle. The sciatic nerve is the largest among all the nerve in our body. It is a nerve bundle that starts from the spinal cord. Generally they occur from levels L4, L5, S1, S2, S3 and S4. However in ... Full story

What Causes Sciatica Pain

What Causes Sciatica Pain
Sciatica occurs when the nerve roots are compressed. These nerve roots, also known as sciatic nerve, starts at the rear of pelvis and follows to the hips and finally into each leg. Humans have around five sets of nerve root near the lower back area. They together form the sciatic nerves. Whenever these nerves are disturbed, mild to intense pain may develop in the either ... Full story
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