Holistic Approach To Relieving Sciatica Pain

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Among the conditions that are most affecting people throughout their lifetime sciatica holds the second position. Sciatica is also the second most common and typical reported nerve disease.  Where frequency of reported cases is concerned headaches are the only problem that exceeds this problem. Sciatica pain can be caused due to multiple reasons from being as minor as muscle strain or as severe as spinal stenosis, disc problems, malignant tumors or brittle bones. Many a times the cause for pain is very simple and simple acupuncture therapy can result in relieving the pain. There are other pain relieving therapies as well that work in this condition.

Patients of back pain should visit their doctor or physician to seek help in diagnosing the reason of sciatica pain as in some cases the reasons can be severe. Also if the sciatica pain is focused on early stages there is no type of sciatica pain that cannot be treated and relieved of the pain. If your back pain is the result of an injury or strain on your back the treatment forms are both very straightforward and plenty in nature.

Patients of sciatica problem may opt for the more traditional method of relieving sciatica pain through exercises that strengthen the muscle core and consume medicines for pain relief. Today however a more holistic approach is sought and treatment forms such as herbal medicines, acupuncture and other non invasive methods that are natural are opted for.

Benefits of natural treatment methods

Natural methods of pain relief specially if it is caused due to injury or strain are known to be very effective and also offer no side effects at all opposing to any drug therapy under gone. Also in back pain natural approaches towards back pain are more effective and conservative as compared to traditional methods. Also these natural methods are very affordable and not at all costly. This can be understood by an example that NSAIDs have been taken for prolonged periods to relieve pain in traditional methods which resulted in damage of liver and stomach ulcer bleeding and some effects are serious enough to cause even death due to excessive complications caused by these side effects. Some prescribed medicines act by dulling the receptors of pain in the human brain and relieve pain.

Some natural methods of relieving pain include Acupuncture which is a traditional medicine form of the Chinese that follow the theory that chi or the force of life in a human may be blocked and that the blockage at any point of distribution channel can be opened through insertion of very thin needles at that point. In many cases acupuncture paired with the appropriate exercise is the solution to the problem.

Eazol is a homeopathic, natural treatment product of relieving pain. It is prepared from botanical elements including lobelia, willow bark and boswellia. Its main function is to reduce stress on muscles through lubricating them. Also it acts as an analgesic that is safe to take for relieving of pain experienced.

Yoga is an Indian form of controlling the posture of a human and performing meditation as a type of exercise. Yoga performed under supervision of an expert can help in relieving the pain and people belonging to every age group can try this therapy out.

Hot baths is also another way to reduce pain as ice is said to be good for reducing inflammation, heat is said to be best for relaxing inflamed tissues and muscles. Also through adding movement in water like creating a whirlpool and adding oils such as peppermint and eucalyptus the oil that are released are not only soothing they carry essences that are known to relieve pain. Paired with the right exercise hot baths is the best form of experiencing pain relief.

Vitamins and minerals use is also effective in relieving pain in many cases. Some useful vitamins include Vitamin B Complex 12, Vitamin D, lavender, Magnesium, etc.

Natural methods are a sure shot way of relieving pain occurring due to sciatica. Acupuncture is a real choice too when sciatica pain relief is concerned and paired with the correct type of exercise there is no other way that matches the effectiveness of these methods.

Acupuncture For Sciatica

Acupuncture is gaining popularity as being effective in treating sciatica and those you have had this treatment generally praise it for relieving them of their pain.

There have been studies conducted that where the efficiency of acupuncture was checked on an experimental group that were given the therapy for their sciatica situation and a controlled group that was observed without acupuncture treatment. The studies show that individuals who underwent the acupuncture therapy showed effective pain relieving results as compared to those who did not get the therapy. Through meta analysis and by comparing several results scientifically it is known that acupuncture is better to for sciatica patients as opposed to not having any kind of treatment at all.

Acupuncture basically is an Asian science from China basically that states that the human body is made of channels through which a life force flows or circulates which is also traditionally known as “chi”. Sometimes due to stress or some kind of disease the passages of this life force get blocked thus resulting in a bad health situation. Acupuncture focuses on clearing or unblocking these passages through inserting thin needles in the affected channels so that they get cleared and the flow of the chi is restored.

Acupuncture therapy is considered an important on in the traditional Chinese medicine, however today it is also getting popular in the western medicine world which is being studied for efficiency for the past 50 years.

To further investigate on the science that works behind acupuncture a study was conducted on a total of 50 individuals which consisted of 33 women and 13 men, who suffered from some sort of chronic low back pain from the past six months or more. These individuals were randomly assigned to groups in which one group received electro acupuncture or acupuncture therapy whereas the other one received placebo therapy.

After undergoing four treatments and a follow up one time therapy after a period of two months it was evident that the group receiving acupuncture therapy reported significant changes in their pain. The study was concluded with the remark that this was a scientific evidence of acupuncture being effective in pain relief for certain forms of chronic back pain.

The findings were interesting though conducting a study on a mere 50 individuals is not enough to gather scientific evidence and so more such studies should be performed on a vast scale to generate a generalized scientific conclusion. More controlled studies should be conducted to press on the efficiency of acupuncture therapy in sciatica pain. There are other studies and experiments conducted as well on a small scale that defend and present the same result as this study and thus in a way support acupuncture therapy as being effective for pain relief in sciatica especially in chronic pain in the lower back area.

Anecdotal evidence is also present that direct towards the efficacy of acupuncture and its therapeutic benefits. Those who have undergone this therapy often report its success and the pain relieving actions it has delivered.

Concluding the finding of the studies ad experiments conducted and the anecdotal evidence it can be said that acupuncture therapy is worth trying for chronic low back pain for sufferer.

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