How to Get Rid Of Sciatica

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Long-term Sciatica: Can It Be Cured?

Have you ever experienced lower back pain so excruciating that you feel like rolling on the ground, hoping to get rid of its extremity? It is tremendously painful that it feels as if electricity was travelling downwards from your back to lower limbs and returning to its origin again and again. To say that such a pain is simply irritating or annoying is an understatement, especially because there is actually no word to express how tormenting it can be.

Although in many cases the pain would subdue after a while, still, the incident would cause you some inconveniences for some time. You wouldn’t be able to sit in one position for long, couldn’t walk far and even your sleep might become unbearably stressful due to the constant pain felt in every toss and turn. This agonizing period would last at least until you seek reliefs by paying regular visits to manual therapists such as masseuse, reflexologist or acupuncturist.


But, are you sure that you won’t suffer from similar pain in the future?

Take it from me, if you don’t mind. I had suffered from regular lower back pains for the past 10 years. In my first few encounters, I acquired standard treatments of those manual therapists thinking that the incident was simply occasional, nothing alarming! I had probably sat too long, did extensive gardening or performed rigorous exercises. So there I was, relieving my pain without knowing that there had been permanent damage inside my body.

The pain kept repeating itself over and over again for various reasons, and it got worse – slight movement of my limbs and body trunk in attempts to relieve the pain escalated the pain even more. What’s wrong with me?

After asking around, I came to find out that over time our overstressed muscles may become damaged due to repeated tension on one side, unbalanced by the opposite. As a result, this distorted set of muscles constantly exerts pressure to the sciatic nerve located in between the muscles of our lower back, buttocks, thighs and potentially all the way to the feet—hence the repeated yearlong back pain. Thus, instead of merely relieving the pain, what we have to figure out is this, how do we correct the imbalance in our muscles?

Correcting Muscular Imbalance: A Non-surgical Procedure

Long-term sciatica can be cured without going through surgery. As a matter of fact, a regular physical therapy would do the job relatively safely yet more effectively. But, the question is, what kind of physical therapy is most apt to cure this disease?

While physiotherapy could also serve it justice, a personalized and targeted set of physical exercises which is called the “Muscle Balance Therapy” is certainly more suitable. This is because different individuals suffer from unbalanced muscles at different locations of their body. Therefore, the first stage in this special technique is thorough assessment on both strength and flexibility of all muscles that affect stability of the body, especially that of the lower parts.

After detailed assessment on which muscles have accumulated problems, Muscle Balance Therapists may formulate and prescribe unique physical exercises specifically catered to cure long-term sciatica suffered by individual patients. This set of home-based exercises basically demands you to perform seemingly unbalanced training, subjecting it merely to relieve muscle tension in affected parts of your body without harming the rest.


Regularly performed, Muscle Balance Therapy will reset your muscular balance, allowing you to perform your daily activities without worries of suffering from the excruciating back pain again.

Due to its effectiveness, in fact, Muscle Balance Therapy has achieved a high success rate eliminating about 90% of long-term sciatica pain among its 200,000 patients within their first three weeks of training.

So, would you like to try this special therapy?

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