Natural Sciatica Treatment Strategies That Work For Me

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Effective Natural Sciatica Treatment Strategies

The sciatic nerve is amongst the largest nerves in the human body, and is definitely the longest. Research has determined that the nerve starts from the lumbar-sacral region and goes down until the lower leg. Even in this path, the sciatic nerve goes through the buttocks and into the thighs. It is the sciatic nerve which branches just above the knee and forms two nerves – the tibial and peroneal nerve. Moreover, the nerve also goes through the toes, feet and ankle, thus making it the longest nerve in the human body. It is for the same reason that any pain arising in these regions which is linked to the sciatic nerve is labeled sciatica, or sciatic nerve pain. This includes pain in the lower back, across or in the buttocks, leg or knee pain. Furthermore, any tingling or numbness in the feet or toes may also be caused due to this. An interesting fact, however, is that sciatica does not imply a specific health condition, but rather a symptom of an issue that may have been caused along the path the nerve traverses. This may be because of the root nerve or even because of its branches.

Treating Sciatica With Ice

Ice sciatica treatmentThere are a number of treatments which aim at relieving sciatica pain. Of these, ice is known to be the best treatment choice. Research and studies have shown ice to be the most effective treatment for sciatic pain, which not only offers immediate relief but also long term benefits. In contrast, the popular belief is that heat works more effectively for the treatment of the pain. The truth, however, is that heat treatment for sciatica can be the worst treatment you go for. Any swelling or inflammation in the body will only be exaggerated with the application of heat, and reduced by applying ice. Now, most issues related to the nerve are caused because of inflammation which occurs at some point along the root nerve, and therefore ice is the most preferred remedy. Doctors recommend using an ice compression brace, but applying an ice pack will just work fine. Keep the pack on the affected area of your body for as long as you can, although you must keep a thin sheet or towel in between your skin and ice to avoid any possibilities of frostbite.

Burn the pain away

For those wondering about why some people recommend heat treatment, it is because of the well-known fact that heat regulates the flow of blood in the affected area. The flow of oxygen and nutrition is regulated, which also enhances the rate of healing. However, people who have suffered from sciatic pain know too well that the immediate concern in these conditions is to get rid of the pain. Healing becomes the second priority, and therefore we concentrate on pain relieving strategies first!

Sciatica Stretches

Stretching is the second best form of treatment when looking for sciatica treatment. Health experts have concluded that piriformis syndrome is largely responsible for sciatic pain, and if not entirely responsible, it can at least be blamed partially. Any imbalance in the muscle may cause some pressure on the nerve, thereby leading to pain. Stretching is a simple remedy to this, and helps immensely.

Change your footwear

Changing your footwear can also have an almost immediate effect on sciatic pain. It has been observed that people wearing the wrong footwear often complain of sciatic pain, or back pain in general. Wearing proper shoes is very important, and especially when you are thinking of sciatica treatment. New Balance walking shoes have become increasingly popular in this regard, and they are quite a boon for heel cushioning. This is not only because they have a variety of sizes you can choose from, but also because of their varying degrees of width. Better fitting shoes help give you a relaxed walking experience. The more the shoes fit you and you feel comfortable walking with them, the less pressure is exerted on your spine, which automatically translates to back pain relief and sciatica treatment.

Comfortable shoes to relieve sciatica pain

Pronation is another factor which demands serious thoughts in regards to sciatic pain. New Balance shoes are also popular for dealing with this aspect. If it interests you, you can browse through the Runner’s World Magazine website which has an extensive section devoted to wearing the right kind of shoes. This section also targets pronation and supination in detail. However, when browsing the website, you must remember that their target audience is slightly different. Nevertheless, you can read through the sub-sections which explain in detail about both conditions. Additionally, there are recommendations for walking shoes, highly popular shoes and why they are preferred et al. A similar alternative is the Asics Gel-Nimbus 11, which is comparably priced to the walking shoes offered by New Balance.


Water walking to relieve sciatica pain

The next sciatic pain treatment strategy recommended is water walking. This should not be confused with swimming. The procedure involves getting down in to a swimming pool and walking with slow and deliberate movements. Water walking has been tried by many sciatica patients, and the effects have been notable. Water acts as a soother, and even if the water temperature is slightly low, the motion itself offers therapeutic results. Although not everyone has regular access to a swimming pool, doing water walking in a community pool at least twice a week will give you good results.


Rest can also be considered a form of treatment, even in regards to sciatic pain. However, a sufferer must only consider it a short-term treatment for dealing with sciatic pain or any other back pain. The only reason this treatment method was mentioned last in this list is because it can have negative effects if considered for long-term. It has been noticed that people who are active and consider exercising stand at a higher chance of treating pain, in opposition to those sufferers who prefer to take rest at the slightest hint of pain. Nevertheless, there are times when a sufferer will want to lie on his or her back and apply ice and take some rest, and this is only natural. Rest should only be used for a short period of time and must be incident specific.



This article targets the five best strategies for relieving yourself from sciatic pain. To sum up, ice is the ultimate treatment for sciatica nerve pain. The next comes stretching, particularly the exercise which focuses on piriformis muscles. Next, you will want to change your shoes and get into something more comfortable if you are wearing wrong shoes. Walking, and also water walking, is a proven pain relief strategy for sciatica treatment. Lastly, take rest if you really need to, but ensure that you do not abuse it. Prolonged rest in these cases may lead to a wide variety of health conditions, most of which will have a negative effect on the health of your muscles.

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