Quickest and Easiest Way To Cure Common Sciatica Pains

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Play times with the family are moments too precious to be disrupted by irritating pain at the lower back. You, among all people, would certainly not like, neither enjoy, it when such incident occurs in the midst of supposedly enjoyable fun and laughter, running around chasing your children. Let’s not even mention the fun times, doing day-to-day chores as trivial as picking up the clutters to those as critical as driving to work and being fully functional at work become even more difficult and painful than ever!

Often the pain transforms into tingling sensation, pins and needles, and even up to numbness at the lower limbs that you would feel like you have grown old before time. Worse, you might even worry that you might be paralyzed, unable to perform some of the normal body functions you used to be doing perfectly.


While the excruciating pain may only escalate your panicking self, it would definitely be wise to pause a while and find out what causes of the pain. In fact, you will learn that such health issues are mostly symptoms caused by excessive pressure to the sciatic nerve located in between the muscles of our lower back and buttocks—hence the term sciatica pain!

Sciatica & SI Joint

Among the most common symptoms of sciatica is lower back pain, which on medical term is usually referred to “sacroiliac joint pain” or pain at the “SI joint“. This is the pain you would feel around your hip line, usually occurs due to sitting, bending, bowing or stretching for too long. Without proper training, hip joint may get excessively tightened when performing any of these postures repeatedly or continuously for some time. Tight SI joint also implies unnecessary stress at the buttock muscles, the Piriformis muscles, which leads to pressure to the sciatic nerve. Having learned this, therefore, the question to ask is, “What is easiest way to loosen or relieve the SI joint?”


Towel Therapy – A Simple Home Cure of SI Joint Pain

The simplest, most practical cure is usually the most effective. Yes, it turns out that you can cure your sciatic back pain with an easy-to-do towel therapy. How does it go?

towel-rollWell, first of all, simply take a bath towel and fold it into half lengthwise. Then, roll the folded towel into cylindrical shape before lying on your back on the floor.

Subsequently, yet the most important step is, place the rolled towel underneath your hips—top edge right under your belt height, while the rest of the towel right below your sacrum and tailbone. While lying comfortably in this position, position your two fists to support the back of your head close to your neck—that is the rounded area behind your earlobes.

By doing this, both your lower back of the skull and sacrum shall work together to remove the tension from your SI joint, ease off your spine and eliminate the pressure off your pelvic and buttock muscles.

Simply perform this therapy daily for as short as five minutes and do a relaxing stroll outside for another few extra minutes. You will see how your back pain slowly goes away and you will be back doing your day-to-day chores, taking control of your life without the slightest back issue.

For a complete removal of back pain, this towel therapy can be performed together with the Pother technique, which is one of therapeutic techniques among the X-Pain Method. Performing the two combined will guarantee a total cure, free from any back pain and complete charge of your life.

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