Sciatica Pain Relief Through Chiropractic Care

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Chiropracy is a form of providing medical care that is drug-less, conservative and non invasive. Due to these traits of this medical form it is often prescribed that this form should be practiced prior to opting for any invasive type of treatment such as undergoing a back surgery. In forms of conservative medical care Chiropracy is a well documented one and is successful in treating ailments and conditions. Chiropractors are well known in treating people who suffer from back problems. Most patients that chiropractors check on a daily patient come with back pain problems so it is a routine for them to regularly diagnose and accordingly treat pain in the back area and the legs. Whatever a problem the patient may be suffering from whether it is a pinched nerve, tendon or ligament ailment or a muscle causing the problem, chiropractors will take ample time in investigating all possible reasons and advice a treatment in accordance. Basically chiropractors are experts in helping the body to heal itself.

Sciatica is basically not the actual diagnosis rather it is an hidden symptom of some problem. Any chiropractor you consult will start from accessing the five things that are considered as culprits of sciatica symptoms. These include:

1.    Nerve Entrapment
2.    Herniated Disc related problems
3.    Facet joint Problems
4.    Spinal Stenosis or narrowing
5.    Existence of Tumors, Metabolic complication or Infections.

It is essential for any chiropractor to access whether the pain you are experiencing is a result of any herniated disc or a ruptured disc. Medically this condition is referred to as sciatic neuritis. The term neuritis refers to anything that is related to the nervous system. Neuritis means neuro or nerves and it means inflammation.  The evaluation of such a condition and its treatment will involve one centered towards disc injury cases.

Checking for the causes of sciatica

If this is not the problem with you, next comes in checking of any signs of spinal stenosis. This is yet another trigger of sciatica which refers to narrowing of the spinal column which in turn results in nerve inflammation. If your leg pain is diagnosed due to this problem treatment in accordance will be given.

If until now your condition does not match any of the above given problems next comes in the lumbar facet symptoms. The facet joints are present in pairs and positioned at the back side of every vertebrae. These joints connect the vertebrae to the one present below to connect in a manner that they perform a functioning movement. This movement allows the person to bend down, slightly backwards, sideways and even twist. So any pain that is caused in this area is due to facet joint problem.  Similar to spinal discs these joints are also loaded with synovial fluid. The discs serve as cushion placed in between the vertebrae and the facet joints which allow the vertebra to move in various directions. If a patient is diagnosed with such a problem there is an effective therapy present that is found to effectively work in this problem.

Next, if the patient is found not to have any of the symptoms above, the chiropractor will check for any nerve entrapment syndrome. This refers to a mechanical sort of imbalance in the hip and spine due to damaged disc but not herniated which results in facet joint movement limitations. This condition eventually leads to tightness of the muscles which further leads to entrapment of the sciatic nerve. The muscles responsible for this condition are known as piriformis muscles. Expert chiropractors can apply therapies to this condition (Piriformis Syndrome) that can loosen the muscles and thus restore the proper balance of the spinal joints resulting in the release of pressure that was present on the sciatic nerve.

In case nothing as such is discovered at all your chiropractor will now recommend you to another expert who will diagnose for the presence of any tumor, metabolic or infection problem.

Summing up any chiropractor will initially diagnose your problem and then design a treatment program in accordance. The treatment in this method is done in a conservative way and no invasive action such as surgery takes place. Basic treatment methods include hands on care techniques that enable full motion through treating discs and restoring movement of the spine. Other spinal manipulation techniques involve thrusting and non thrusting techniques, instrument aided therapies including trigger point therapy, electrical simulation, Graston technique, resistance and stretching technique, alignments and ultrasounds. Not only will chiropractors bring your condition back to normal but will also advice on things to do to prevent any such conditions from occurring or reoccurring again.

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