Sciatica Pain Relief Through Good Posture – Effect Of Good Posture On Sciatica Pain

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Sciatica Pain Relief Through Good Posture

Consumption of drugs is one of the most preferable methods of sciatica pain treatment. Their main aim is to relax the muscles around the nerve so that any additional pressure on the spine is released. However, despite their effectiveness and proven results, doctors still recommend using them as a last resort. Health experts recommend regular exercise and a healthy diet to anyone looking for sciatica pain treatment. Now, we all understand how difficult it can be to change a habit, we switching to a healthier lifestyle ensures that you stay away from medical conditions such as sciatica.

Sciatic nerve pain

Significance of a good posture

In context of sciatica pain treatment, maintaining a proper body posture is known to have considerable effects on the overall treatment process. Although there are a number of definitions of a good posture, one that involves exerting minimum pressure on your muscles is certainly what you are looking for. However, you must also understand that maintaining a good posture does not essentially imply that you cause discomfort to yourself. Instead, this is actually how our body is supposed to be. Proper alignment of your body will immediately let you feel a positive change inside you. It is this proper posture that minimizes the strain on your body and even makes you feel more energetic.

On the contrary, an individual that has an improper posture exerts unnecessary pressure on his or her body, thus leading to more stress on various parts of the body such as spine, back, joints and ligaments, only to name a few. You will find it interesting to know that the average weight of a head is about 15 pounds, and if it is not supported well by the neck and back, could lead to backache.

There are numerous advantages of maintaining a proper posture. Primarily, let us consider its affect on your appearance. Having a good posture will immediately make you look lighter. Additionally, standing in a good posture makes you look confident, and this even radiated to others. Physically, a good posture will facilitate proper circulation of blood inside the body, thereby reducing stress and also enhancing breathing. Your muscles tend to become stronger, and you clearly become less prone to injuries.

Effect of posture on sciatica

When an individual stands, the posture he or she maintains has a direct influence on the sciatic nerve. It is for this reason that health experts suggest changing positions while standing, even after short time intervals. This helps in prevention of sciatic pain. Additionally, keeping your feet apart while standing also helps. If you suffer from bad posture, you can ensure you maintain a good posture by checking the alignment of your shoulders. The best technique is to ensure that your shoulders do not droop and they are aligned with the ears. While it may take some time to maintain a proper posture, always make a conscious effort to correct yourself when you notice your shoulders drooping.

Doctors also recommend a good body posture when sleeping. To begin with, refrain from having too many pillows under your head. This will only increase the strain, and prolonged use will result in severe backaches. Instead, it is advised that you put a pillow under your knee when you sleep. Most importantly, do not lie on your stomach when going to sleep. Lying on your back is preferred, or you can also lie down on your side. Backward tilting of your head can also become an issue if done regularly.

Practicing the above mentioned tips will not only help you maintain a proper body posture, but will also help you in reducing sciatica pain. Sciatica pain is infamous for the discomfort it brings to the body and having a good posture will effectively help in reducing the effect. Moreover, regular exercise will provide strength and flexibility to the muscles, thereby ensuring that you stay away from any recurrences of the condition.

Tips for maintaining a proper posture

  • Maintain a neutral position of your head – Refrain from placing your head in extreme positions, such as too forward or backward. Ideally, it should be in a position that will make it seem like you have a double chin, but certainly not as extreme.
  • Align your shoulders – This is a matter of concern for many, and even more because not many of us know how to do it right. Bring your shoulders back so that you stand straight up. However, this does not mean that you have to stress you back in the process. Remember, this is the position that we were meant to have, and therefore you can do it in a relaxed way. Align your head and shoulders to have a comfortable position, and you will hardly feel any discomfort.
  • Stretch your head upwards – This is a simple technique that allows you to put your lower back in the proper place. This can be done without much effort, and is known to be a very effective method.

Successful implementation of these tips will ensure that you walk around with a proper posture. You must have realized that having a good posture does not have to be stressful; it only takes some practice and a little time.

How to obtain good posture

Simple stretch to relieve sciatica pain

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