Sciatica Products – Products That Can Help You Find Relief

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Sciatica physiotherapy products that can commonly be used for healing human body include:

Lumber supports Treatment

While sitting or standing you can use lumber supports to decrease stress on the spine thereby maintaining proper posture. These are like wraps or belts and are lightweight. They can be brought from any local pharmacy or over the internet.

Back Braces Treatment

There are various back braces available to choose from. These sciatica treating braces are available ready-made and can also be custom made to fit you aptly. The back braces have some form of rigid stays often made from aluminium for maximum support and acting as inbuilt stabilizers as well. These braces are also lightweight and can be worn anywhere.

These back braces support your back by providing compression and reinforcement for your sacral region and lower back. At the base of the spine lies a triangular large bone, this is sacrum.

Back Braces helps sciatica patients by lessening their pain and at the same time providing better posture to them. There are various level of sciatica back braces available in the market, best of which are level III ones. Some of them are FLA Lumbar Support with Flexible or Rigid Stays, FLA Lumbar Sacral Support with Abdominal Belt and the ProCare Sacro-Lumbar Support with Compression Straps. Each of them provides good support and compression. They cost $49.95, $34.95 and $64.95 respectively. Although the ProCare brace is the most expensive one, they have most number of customer reviews.

Do back braces weaken your back?

An incorrect use of the support system like using it for the whole day just for its sake can weaken your back. This is because this encourages back muscles to become lazy. If it is used correctly, then it won’t cause any problem.

It is recommended that you use it only at the time of doing strenuous jobs when you feel the back pain more acutely. Refrain from using it otherwise and do some exercise which will increase the stability of your pelvis and lower back. It is because doing this not only prevents your back from getting used to extra support but also stabilizes the muscular power of your pelvis and lower back thereby making it much stronger which will help you in the long term.

Hence, it is advisable to wear it only at the time of need. Abstain from using it when not needed. With careful measures these can prove to be very effective treatment of sciatica and will simultaneously increase your back muscle power.

Ice/heat packs Treatment

Ice or Heat packs are reusable and inexpensive microwaveable or freezable packs meant for cold and hot therapies. It can be used in any case of injury and hence is an essential tool. Ice packs are to be used on the first three days after injury as they reduce pain, muscle spasms, blood flow and inflammation helping you to recover faster. A heat pack is to be used after the third day as it enhances nutrient and waste exchange of the damaged area, blood flow and reduces muscular spasms helping you with a faster healing.

Massage balls Treatment

Massage balls are low costing and self-massage effective tool that improves muscle relaxation, blood flow, and flexibility thereby reducing the numbers of doctor visits and simultaneously providing long-term relief. These balls reach areas in your body those are hard to reach and require a therapist to do so.


Foam rollers Treatment

These are foam made long rollers used for providing good rehabilitation for self-massage including exercises that helps your body to become flexible. They are generally inexpensive and often come in packs of different sizes.

TENS machine Treatment

This device uses electrical current and generates a wide range of frequency to stimulate nerves as a therapy and hence is named as Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) Device. These are cheap machines that come with batteries, electrodes, leads and possibly gel; although expensive machines are also available.  The cost is affected by your need and budget. These simple and easy to use devices are used for the treatment of muscle strains, tendinitis, severe pain, arthritis and other pains. Chiropractors also use this unit as well. With this machine at home you need not to drive to your doctor’s place every time.

Sciatic physiotherapy is an easy job and can be done at home. Yet, a proper diagnosis by a trained therapist and an exercise chart relevant to your problem is recommended. The TENS machine, Hot/Cold packs, Massage balls, lumbar support and back braces are examples of cheap sciatic home therapies. After relief, you must start using home therapies. Exercise is essential for every human being to stay fit and healthy.

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