Sciatica and Shoes – Your Shoes Can Be The Harbinger Of Pain

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Sciatica and Shoes

Shoes are practically amongst the most common things that we use in our daily lives. Almost everyone wears a shoe, though some like it and others don’t. Although this is a matter of personal choice, it is the society which imposes the need for us to wear shoes on a daily basis. If you are a sufferer of sciatic pain and are undergoing therapy, you probably do have an idea of the various aspects in your daily life that affect the pain and the condition as a whole. Sciatica is a common condition in the present times, and there are numerous ways in which you can treat it. The cures for the condition range from natural to medicinal, and you are free to make your own choice.

Unfortunately, there are a few aspects that are mostly overlooked when treating sciatic pain. Your shoes are just one aspect which seldom gets the attention it deserves, especially when discussing sciatic pain. If you are in the habit of wearing high-heeled shoes throughout the day, you are inviting sciatic nerve pain. In fact, the reference is not limited to only high-heeled shoes. Any shoe which does help in keeping your feet straight and flat on the ground is a shoe that is capable of causing sciatica. Wearing heeled shoes all throughout the day implies that you are standing on your toes the entire day. This way, you put unnecessary stress on the back of your legs, and this is also the place where your sciatic nerve runs. Wearing high heeled shoes regularly and for long, therefore, is not only uncomfortable but also equally dangerous.

Nevertheless, it is still important for many of us to wear shoes on a regular basis. Therefore, we highlight below some points for you to consider when making your next shoe purchase.

Believe it or not, heels are capable of causing sciatica pain. Now, we all know how pretty they look and the effect they have on the overall femininity of a woman. You have to get used to them, and by the time you feel comfortable walking in your new pair of high heels, you develop sciatica. Sciatica can be very discomforting at times, and before you realize, all your joys of enjoying the glamour girl style are washed away. What actually happens is that the heels tend to form a naturally-shaped arch and this result in an unintentional rotation of your pelvis in the downward direction. In response, a compression forms in your lower back, thereby causing sciatic flare.

Sciatic-nerve-pain-3dInterestingly, those monstrous stilettos are not the only ones to be blamed for sciatica pain. Simple sneakers are no less, and even those workout shoes which boast of well-cushioned heels may leave just a slight angle for the rotation of your pelvis, thus leading to sciatic pain.

If you suffer from constant back or sciatica pain, you might want to consider the type of shoes that you regularly are in. When you wear a shoe on a regular basis, no matter how well fit and comfortable they were when you first bought them, they are likely to get worn out after a few months. And once your shoes fall prey to the normal wear and tear, all the great cushion and support are broken down, and your shoes now no longer support your heels or act as shock absorbers. Wearing shoes for a prolonged period of time, regardless of how well supported they are, will lead to back pain in the healthiest of the backs. Moreover, if you already suffer from bad back, wearing shoes day in and day out can infinitely add to your problems, inviting sciatica as well as back pain.

New Balance shoes, however, are an exception. This is because they are ideally made for perfect heel cushioning, and allow the wearer varying degrees of width. Additionally, you can choose from a wider range of sizing alternatives, and this ensures that you have the perfect fit for your feet. Proper fitting and appropriate heel cushioning implies that less pressure is exerted on your spine, and this also effectively reduces the chances of back and sciatica pain.

Pronation is another factor which demands some discussion when it comes to sciatica pain. However, the New Balance shoes can take care of the condition. For those who are unaware of these terms, the Runner’s World Magazine‘s website features a section devoted to pronation and supination. Additionally, this section also deals with proper shoes and their importance, and is a must read for those suffering from lower back pain. Nevertheless, it must be kept in mind that the website’s target audience is slightly different, and the sections are aimed at runners’ who run professionally. This should not deter you though, because the section explains extensively about the conditions and the recommended shoes, and also what shoes are ranked highly and why. The only alternative for New Balance shoes are Asics Gel-Nimbus 11. Although a running shoe, the Gel-Nimbus won the magazine’s editor award for the best shoe. Mainly rewarded for its perfect ‘fit and fee’, the shoes feature memory foam all through them. Even in terms of price, these are at par with New Balance shoes.


Therefore, regardless of the severity of sciatica, it can be controlled. Time and patience are the only things required, and although these will be hard to maintain when you feel the pain, but it really is possible.

Sciatica can be a difficult condition to treat, and a doctor’s advice may not always work. The medications available for sciatica pain treatment are pricey, and only a few of them actually have positive effects. Your best bet would be to try a series of medical and homeopathic medications. Additionally, there are several other ways of treating sciatica that are also popularly known effective remedies.

A large number of sciatica sufferers have no idea about sciatica triggers, and tend to do the same activities on a regular basis. Although unintentionally, these still contribute to the pain. Of these, wrong postures, wrong foods and even wrong exercises can aggravate your pain. Medications are not the only way to treat this pain. Your shoes are an important aspect of the treatment plan, and sticking to comfortable shoes will significantly help in controlling the pain.

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