Sciatica Treatment Methods

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Sciatica Pain Relief Methods

The condition of sciatica nerve pain must be treated as soon as possible so that the situation will not worsen over the time. Most of the sufferers opt for non surgical methods like exercise and other home remedies. These are good and relieve the pain of the sufferer.

But to some sufferers a proper treatment is a must during the times when the condition is severe and does not go away.  Surgery is the best way to get relief from this severe condition of nerve.

Treatment for Sciatica – nonsurgical way

There are several ways to relieve the pain by using the non surgical way of treating the pain caused by compressed roots of nerve. Below are some methods of treatment that are recommended to relieve the pain along with exercise.


For severe pain of sciatic nerve, heat/ ice packs are a good option and are also readily available. This helps to relieve the pain in the legs especially in the initial stages of the condition. The procedure is to apply the ice pack or heat for approximately 20 minutes. This must be repeated every 2 hours. Some people get relief from ice while others from heat. So choose according to your preferences.

Medications for Sciatica Pain

Taking proper medication can also relieve the pain of sciatica nerve.  Anti – inflammatory drugs which are non steroidal can be taken to get relief from the pain. Some examples of such drugs are ibuprofen, COX-2 inhibitors, naproxen and more. You can also take oral steroids for reducing the inflammation. The inflammation is the factor which causes pain in sciatica nerve.

Epidural Steroid Injections

If the sufferer is suffering from severe pain, you can take steroid injects for getting instant relief from the pain. It is different from the above mentioned methods as the injection injects the steroids directly to the effected are thus causing instant relief. The effects are temporary and it may work on everyone but these help in relieving the sufferer of severe pain. Moreover it allows the sufferer from continuing with the exercise. More about epidural steroid injection for sciatica.

Other Alternative Sciatica Treatment

Apart from the above mentioned treatment methods, several other ways are also available for treating the disease.  The most common alternative treatments are chiropractic manipulation, massage therapy and acupuncture.

Chiropractic Manipulation

The manual manipulation and spine adjustments can be performed under the supervision of trainers and health professionals. This helps in achieving a better alignment of the spinal column. This helps in curing the several other underlying causes of the acute pain. Manual manipulation performed by skilled trainers may help in curing the condition without being painful and creates a better environment for the healing purpose. More about chiropractic care for sciatica.


This practice revolves around the philosophy of maintaining or achieving relief through the flow of energy in the body via pathways. Thin needles are pushed into the skin where there is pain. Acupuncture has been legalized by U.S.FDA and is basically a treatment used for relieving back pain. This method is also used to relieve the pain caused by sciatica nerve.

Massage Therapy

Various forms of massage therapy can help to relieve the severe pain caused due to sciatica nerve. It has several benefits like relieving back pain. Releasing of endorphins which are natural pain relievers which our body releases increases the blood circulation and also relaxes the muscles.

For some people, sciatica nerves get cured by their own without any medication and treatments. The healing procedure takes merely a week or a few days for some. But mostly for many of the sufferers the duration of healing is approximately twelve week time. After relieving from the initial pain, the exercises and the mediation must be continued for fully relieve and to minimize the occurrence of pain.

You can find a number of professionals who can perform treatments for non surgical spine care. They are called physiatrists which mean rehabilitation specialists and physical medicine specialist, chiropractors, pain medicine specialists, and also physical therapists. These professional are fully trained to perform exercises to provide relief to pain. It is recommended to go to a trained professional for the treatment of sciatica nerve. They are capable of solving the problem and providing relief to the sufferer in a non surgical way.


Before we get started with the details of using acupressure, it is important to understand that the technique, similar to all other symptom relief methods, might not work equally in all cases. This means that even if acupressure worked well for a friend of yours, you might not get the same results. Sciatica pain is triggered by several factors. Improper functioning of muscles and joints in your lower back might be one of the reasons behind your sciatica pain, or you may be suffering from disc problems. Therefore, the best way to know what will work in your case is to determine the real cause behind the pain. There are several other treatment methods that are in use for eliminating the pain, and if you conclude that acupressure does not give the desired results, you will only have to try some other treatment options to help ease your discomfort.

Acupressure for sciatica pain relief
Acupressure has been a common form of therapy for many centuries, and has proven to be beneficial in numerous cases. Although experts do not entirely understand the principle of its working, they have thoroughly researched it and acknowledge it effectiveness in relieving pain.

Primarily, you must understand that this method of treatment makes use of acupressure points. The acupressure point that we are concerned about here is located on the base of the buttock. This is in the region where your skin folds as it integrates in to your leg. The technique requires you to locate the point and apply pressure to it with the help of a finger. Press for about 20-30 seconds and release, and that should do it. Repeat the activity as often as you can, since it provides considerable relief. This method is also believed to be safe for practice, and this minimizes any risk associated with overdoing.

Again, we highlight the fact that this method is only intended to offer relief that will arise from sciatica pain. It is not an absolute cure for the problem, and you will have to get to the underlying cause of the condition to have it treated. Moreover, this technique only offers short-term relief.

Most symptom relief techniques function by muscle rebalancing, and this involves free movement of the joints, thereby removing trigger points present in the region. If a single method of sciatica pain relief does not work for you, it is best that you try using a combination of methods to achieve this.

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