Sciatica Warning – Don’t Sit On Your Wallet!

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It’s claimed that thick wallets are the main reason behind sciatica back pain. Is there truth in the claim that sciatica is caused by keeping a wallet at the back pocket?

While it may be natural for some to be in discomfort when they are short of money, did you know that having too much money in your wallet could lead to pain and even surgery of your spine? Yes, you read that correctly! It has been found that an overstuffed wallet safely kept in the back pocket of your trousers or jeans can be responsible for sciatic pain.

Long weekends and road trips are America’s favorite traditions. And while you may be on a family road trip to the shore or across the country, or off on your graduation weekend, you will possibly be spending a lot of time sitting in your car and on your wallet, thereby exerting excessive stress on your spine. Your wallet, therefore, can be safely assumed to be amongst the worst irritants and a major factor responsible for sciatic pain.


The normal content of a wallet is business card or it is stuffed with papers. It looks like an eyesore but is supposed to be a big health hazard.

There are many who drive cars keeping their wallet at the back pocket, and they have failed to realize the real reason for moaning when they are out of the vehicle.

As per the physics, if a bump is riding a bit high compared to the other because of the wallet placed, the bump containing the wallet will cause pain in the back. Apart from back the pain might affect the hip and shoulders. The reason for the cramp in foot is also this.

Sciatic nerve runs from thigh to foot at the back from spine. When this sciatic nerve is compressed, it causes the leg pain and this is termed as Sciatica. The pirformis muscle, if aggravate will cause irritation and will trigger the pain. This is the psychology involved.

Wallets are the hazard carriers. Be it thin or thick, if you are over it sitting too long, it is sure to harm you.

In 1966, the credit cards proliferate began, an article was published in The new England’s journal of medicine which first described this problem. Later the matter was popularized because of an episode in the year 1990 named “Seinfeld”.

The report stated about a lawyer whole wallet has grown thick because of the charge cards, was suffering from the pains in left leg. The condition was referred to as “Credit Carditis”.

As per the doctors this has become quite common. The starting is very simple and gradually it turns dangerous. The piriformis muscle is located in the buttock which again has a direct connection with the sciatic nerve. If it is pressed by an object at regular intervals, running down of the leg is supposed to happen. As time passes by, the person will develop a radiating pain in the hip areas.

The New York University School of Medicine’s famous doctor, Dr. Gerard P. Varlotta asked one of his patient who was suffering from back pain, to remove his twenty year back old data’s.

Apart from wallets keeping large handkerchiefs or golf balls can also be the reason for back pains. There are many cases reported where wallet is not the only culprit.


If you keep any thick object or a thick wallet at your back pocket, it will gradually take turn to sciatica.

The fix or the solution

The first thing to be done is to remove the wallet from the back pocket. Stretches are to be done to restore the alignment. Tense muscles must be relaxed which can be done by pull over. It is found that Hatha yoga and pilates work fine on these. Customization of the car seat is vital. The seat is to be brought close to the floor. Adjustment in the angle of steering and head rest is also required for safe driving. Learn more about how yoga can help relief sciatica pain here.

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