The Sciatic Nerve and How It Can Ruin Your Life

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Sciatic Nerve Pain

Nerves are the most important part of our body as it helps us to move, to taste, to feel pleasure or pain. The working and functioning of nerve are fascinating and marvelous.

The largest of all nerves is the sciatic nerve in our body. This nerve looks like a long braid with several tributaries emerging from the single long braid. These small tributaries are actually small nerves which flow from the spinal cord to different parts of your body like leg, heel, foot, lower back and rest.

Many people get to learn about this nerve in a hard way. The initial stages are acute pain under the buttocks and straight down to the legs. For some the symptoms show from the teenage years while others may experience it later. Car rides are especially painful and pillows are required to ease the pain. This can be relieved by resting the leg on a pillow.

The causes can be other diseases like congenital deformities in spines and Rheumatoid arthritis. In many cases such diseases calls for a chiropractor. This is a good thing as the professional trainers not only help you to cure but also with the help of exercises it helps the cause of pain to stay away. Some of the victims may be lucky to get relieve only from the exercises but for some it may not solve the problem.

Herniated or ruptured discs are also among the primary causes of sciatica, and are related to compression of the nerves. The condition gets triggered when the injured disc begin pressing against a nerve root. The pressing leads to the root being compressed, thereby causing the body to experience acute pain. While almost all sufferers of the condition experience this pain, some additional symptoms of sciatic pain are tingling sensation and numbness in the affected area. Additionally, spinal stenosis, or bone spurs, is also sometimes responsible for causing sciatic pain in individuals.

For a person suffering from sciatica, pain becomes the most considerable aspect. The pain is sometimes so sharp that everyday movement which we usually take for granted become unbearable. The condition is further worsened by pregnancy, and a female patient in this situation might find it very difficult to cough or sneeze. Moreover, sitting or standing for a prolonged period of time can also lead to worsening of the conditioning, which is precisely why health experts recommend exercises for the lower and knees.

Fortunately, there are several methods of treatment of sciatica pain, and you can opt for the one which suits you best. There are numerous exercises and movements which can help you ease the pain. Of these, the simplest ones are walking (short distances), resting and even lying down. The main aim of these movements is to release pressure from the spine and allowing it to stretch. Exercises like knee-to-chest exercises and curl-ups must be followed to relive the pain.

However, if the simple treatment methods do not work, or your sciatica pain has worsened, it is best to schedule a visit to your doctor. There are several health experts who can help you in this situation, and you can consult a doctor, a chiropractor or a massage therapist.

The diagnosis is simple and can be found just by asking a few questions. If it is underlying, you may need to undergo MRI or X-rays. Usually the treatments revolve around the pain by taking medication and doing exercises. But here are a few tips in which you can get relief. Usage of ice packs and heat can prove to be a life saver.

Sciatica treatment involves surgical as well as non-surgical methods of healing. Although the non-surgical methods work best during the initial phase of the condition, there are some over-the-counter and prescription medications which aid in reducing the pain. Nevertheless, it is strongly recommended that you consult your doctor before starting on any medications.

Sciatica exercises

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