Triggerpoint Therapy – How It Can Help Ease Sciatica Pain

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Any sciatic pain patient irrespective of the extent and intensity he or she may be suffering the pain from, they would surely want by any means possible to reduce or rather get rid of the pain. Either the pain may be restricted to the back, to the hips or down to the legs it is very painful.

There are several ways through which sciatic pain can be relieved from including many over the shelf drugs which are temporary in nature. Also the use of cold and hot packs is known to temporarily relieve the muscle pain. A longer lasting option is to undergo the procedure of steroid epidural injections which are inserted in the spine through injecting in cortisone. Yoga and some stretching exercises are also found to be beneficial in many cases through relieving the pressure present on the sciatic nerve.

Trigger point therapy to relieve sciatica pain

Another effective way in relieving sciatic pain is through applying the trigger point therapy. As indicated by the name the focus is on applying pressure on the trigger point or the affected area of pain.  For this palm of the hand or even a ball can be used. This process can be initially started using small balls and applying pressure on the back and hip area for a few or several minutes depending on the comfort received by the patient. You can also use a tennis ball wrapped in a towel or a thick cloth and use it to apply pressure on your back.

How it is done

To relieve the pain present try lying down and placing the ball on the floor on either sides of the spine or at the midpoint. Also you can place the ball on the exact area of pain and rotate over it so that the ball massages your back. Repeat the procedure through taking the ball round over and back of the pain area. However if you feel any kind of pain that is either sharp or a kind you may not have experienced before discontinue the act immediately.

In case you experience pain in the pelvis or hip area, the same therapy can be used on these areas as well. This exercise can be done through using the balls either against the floor or the walls. Start by placing the ball at the tip of the spine and massaging through to the hips and back again. You can engage in this exercise for several minutes if it is not causing you any pain or at least any additional pain besides the one you are already experiencing. If however through this method you see no change in the pain or no improvement is experienced discontinue the practice.

Sciatic pain that is due to piriformis muscle pain using this massaging technique helps a lot in relieving pain. The muscles of the gluteus area and the buttocks can also be massaged through performing the exercise with two balls placed on the bottom of both hips in a sitting position. The balls should be soft and the entire weight should be balanced upon these balls. The massage can lead the balls from the buttocks to the upper area of the thighs and back up again.

If balls feel harsh on your back try foam rollers which are also easily available in departmental stores.

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