Unproven Therapies for Sciatica Pain Relief

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Unproven Therapies for Sciatica Pain Relief

If you have suffered from sciatica pain, or are a sufferer, you possibly may have looked for remedies that will help relieve you of the pain. Undoubtedly, there are several of them for sciatica pain relief but not all of them actually work, and you may have to try out a few yourselves to see what will work in your case.

As a matter of fact, herbs, back schools, ultrasound, traction, hydrotherapy and acupuncture have poor results, and are not always reliable remedies. Furthermore, many health experts suggest avoiding the use of back braces, since they have long term disadvantages and are known to promote poor posture, while also weakening muscles in the body.

Herbal remedies

A herb, Pepperwood, also sometimes called Prickly Ash, is known to possess anti-inflammatory properties that are significantly helpful in sciatica pain treatment. These properties have been verified scientifically, and it is a proven fact that consumption of this herb reinforces the functions of the immune system. The components of the herb are also widely used for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, and because the symptoms of the former are quite similar to those of sciatica nerve pain, it is safe to consume Pepperwood. The herb has also been traditionally used for enhancing mucous tissues. It is also considerably beneficial to use the Pepperwood if the sciatica affects your bowel movement, mainly because of its role as a soothing circulatory tonic.

Prickly Ash or pepperwood

Burdock, medically known as Arctium Lappa, is another herb that is known to help in relieving the pain. Its roots are commonly used for the treatment of rheumatic infections. Similar to the one mentioned above, Burdock also possesses anti-inflammatory properties while also toning your circulatory system. For patients suffering from sciatica as a result of diabetes, consumption of this herb can aid in lowering blood sugar levels. Burdock was even used as a method of treatment for sciatica pain in the earlier times.

Another very important herb is the Devil’s Claw. The plant is a popular medication because of its ability to treat several physical disorders. Constituents of the herb offer anti-inflammation properties, as well as diuretic and anti-rheumatic properties. Nevertheless, there are a few side effects of the herb, and these range from minor ones to none at all. The Devil’s Claw is also used in a number of pain easing medications, thus also supporting the fact that it is safe for consumption. More information about this herb here.


This stands for transcutaneous electronic nerve simulator. This method of sciatica treatment is largely similar to interferential treatment, and is intended for patients who suffer from recurrences of sciatica nerve pain. This electronic device involves the use of reusable electrode patches on the patient’s body to function, and they help in easing the pain caused by the condition. However, it must also be mentioned here that using TENS does not help one get rid of the pain permanently. Moreover, carry over pain relief is also minimum.

TENS unit for sciatica pain relief


This technique for sciatic nerve pain relief is very popularly in use, and is intended for use by chiropractors. Among the benefits of its use, the main is that it enhances blood circulation in the body. This improved circulation of blood eventually helps in reducing cramps, swelling and pain. The machine works on the principle that ultrasound waves sent deep inside a patient’s body create bearable amount of heat within, thus stimulating the healing process and also circulation of blood.


Traction therapy is recommended by physical therapists, and there are several that can be used to ease sciatica pain. One of these which are immensely popular requires the patient to lie flat on the traction bed, and the therapist adds graded weights to his or her legs. A harness is adjusted on to the upper half of the patient’s body to keep him/her in position. The weights work to pull at the spine causing it to stretch, and the entire concept revolves around the proper relocation of the spinal discs. This also helps in relieving tension from the muscles.

The above method is aimed to ease sciatica nerve pain, and you must always ensure that traction therapy is done under the supervision of a trained practitioner. This is essential to avoid any injury to the body due to excessive pressure of the weights.

Back braces

There are a variety of back braces you may choose from when it comes to easing sciatica nerve pain. Their main aim is to offer support to your back and provide compression. Not only does this method of treatment relieve you of the pain, it also offers support so that you attain a proper posture, thereby lessening unnecessary pressure on your back. However, these are available in various levels, and experts recommend using level III back braces for sciatica pain.


As the term itself suggests, this form of treatment requires water forces to resolve the pain. Buoyant forces of water are used to alleviate the pain from a patient’s body. Interestingly, you do not have to know the principles of physics if you are not familiar with the subject to learn of the cure. All you need to do is to lie down in a tub of hot water, and you will experience the pain fading away gradually. Benefits of hydrotherapy include muscle relaxation, reduced inflammation and better blood circulation.

Additionally, steam is known to have numerous advantages for different medical conditions and not just for easing sciatica pain. Not only does it improve metabolism and offer relief to patients suffering from allergies, steam is also known to work wonders for those suffering from asthma.

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