Using Glucosamine To Treat Sciatica – Is It Safe And Effective?

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Sciatic patients suffer from so intense type of pain that the sufferer focuses on relieving himself of the pain through any way possible without even realizing for a moment what side effects or problems can be faced going through that particular treatment form.

There are several ways to rid oneself of the sciatica pain however not all are safe to try out however those who suffer intense pain are ready to take any risk just for the sake of getting rid of the pain.

Using Glucosamine to treat Sciatica pain

One new such form of treatment is using Glucosamine for treating sciatica. Since this is a newly discovered way not all effects are known and so saying whether it is beneficial or whether or not it has ill effects is too early.  Also there are not many results received as well to say that this is a possible remedy for the problem. Jane Brody is the inventor of this method of treatment and introduced Glucosamine as a sciatica remedy in the mid 1990’s. The reason for its popularity is mainly due to the fact that it is a natural supplement and thus does not harm the body in any way.

Also known as Glucosamine sulfate, chitosamine or glucosamine hydrochlide, this compound is found naturally in the human body and consists of glutamine and glucose which is an amino acid.

Glucosamine is needed in the body to produce glycosaminoglycan which is a molecule which promotes the recovery and formation of tissues and cartilage in the body. Glucosamine is recommended to patients on a daily basis who suffer from health problems related to repair and development of cartilages and body tissues.

Types of Glucosamine

Though Glucosamine is a natural supplement it is available in three separate forms. These common forms are glucosamine NAS, glucosamine sulfate and glucosamine hydrochloride. The most common form in these which is found easily is glucosamine sulfate, as this form travels real fast down the gut to the joints and thus acts fast, instantly relieving the sciatica pain.

Patients when learn about Glucosamine related way of treating sciatica they are anxious on finding out how it works and how effective it is. Glucosamine sulfate helps in growing cartilages through acting as a nutrient base and accordingly treats pain. Though depending on individual conditions and reason the results may vary from individual to individual but generally the results delivered are good. Cartilage healing quality is the main reason of the effectiveness of this method as it results in relieving sciatica pain. The results are seen within a period of two months after starting treatment of sciatica pain through glucosamine.

It is recommended that before you opt for any method the pros and cons be understood appropriately and there are benefits and side effects of using glucosamine as well and some ill effects are irreversible in nature and so like it is said better to be safe than  to be sorry.

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