Using Surgery To Treat Sciatica

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One of the drastic therapies used as a form of curing bilateral and unilateral sciatica is the sciatica surgery performed on millions of individuals who suffer from the agonizing and excruciating pain of sciatica. Pain of the lower back and leg area is being suffered by epidemic proportions and even though there are several other forms of sciatica treatment very few people are known to experience longer and lasting cure. Also through time more and more sciatica treatment are proving to be ineffective and using surgical intervention in relieving sciatica pain delivers worse results, sometime proving to be more harmful than effective.

Sciatica pain comes under the specialty of neurological and orthopedic medicine sectors and an extensive range of feasible procedures can be applied as an attempt to relieve chronic sciatica pain depending on the source of diagnosis. Most surgeries related to sciatica pain are lower spine based as a majority of pain complaints are due to structural abnormalities of the lumbosacral spinal area or the lumbar region. Some patients have to undergo cervical spinal form of surgery due to their pain being reasoned as spinal stenosis in the neck area. A very nominal percentage undergoes non spinal form of surgery because their pain is associated with abnormalities of the soft tissues including piriformis syndrome.

Where lower body related sciatic surgery is concerned, herniated discs among other spinal irregularities is the most common reason of all. Though sciatic pain can occur due to bulging discs or herniated disc but the percentage is very low. Researches prove very meek connections between herniated discs and sciatica pain. As a matter of fact clinical evidences show that many people naturally have nasty shaped discs and some very minor lumbar herniation are blamed for the excruciating pain which is not the actual situation. Even though in these cases it is obvious that the reason of pain is not the disc herniation however still many people undergo spinal fusion and discectomy. This misdiagnosis leads to unbearable pain to sciatic pain sufferers and equals to a huge part of iatrogenic error rampant caused in the heath sector and prove to be a highly unbearable burden on sufferers of back pain.

Sciatica surgery is also performed on other aspects of spinal aging course which are not the real reason causing pain. These include spinal osteoarthritis and the disease of degenerative disc, there is to date no case reported where the real cause of pain is the latter situation described of degenerative disk disease however still many patients are known to be diagnosed as this reason being the cause of their pain. This diagnosis is highly amazing since it is perfectly well known in medical community that disc desiccation of disc is a natural aging process that occurs in every human and there is no evidence of this reason being a cause of pain in any way. Also normal osteoarthritic changes in the lower area of the spine is a result of aging and normally people suffer from typical narrowing of the central canal, osteophyte formation and foraminal narrowing which are common to the resulting of osteoarthritis. These may be the reason of pain however they amount to only 5%to 10% of the total cases.

There are other issues related to structural concern which are treated by surgery when these reasons are blamed to be the cause of sciatic pain based on diagnosis of imaging films. These include spondylolisthesis,  hypolordosis, scoliosos, anterolisthesis and retrolisthesis. In all these conditions spinal fusion is used to place the vertebrae back in position. Out of the various surgery forms used to alleviate pain this form is one that offers the least successful results rather in some cases the situation gets worse than before however in 105 cases where the reason and diagnosis is correct this treatment form offers very little relief and is generally ineffective.


It is recommended by several doctors that this form of treating sciatica pain should ever be opted to the maximum limits possible and unless no other method seems to work and a medical emergency is declared by at least 3 different doctors. The stats of results also do not favor this treatment and since any alteration in your anatomy is irreversible think, research and decide on your own and only after no other way is left should this treatment method be opted for.

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