Warm Water Exercises For Long Term Sciatica Relief

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For those suffering from sciatic pain, exercising may seem a daunting task. However, the truth is quite different. A patient suffering from sciatica will probably want to spend the day in bed, resting. Now, while bed rest will do you good for a short span of time (probably a couple of days is fine), it can actually lead to making your condition even worse if you continue to lie in bed. Use the time to get rid of the worst part of the pain. Once it subsides, you will want to get yourself ready to indulge yourself in the regular routine. Care, however, should be taken to stay away from activities which trigger the pain. Doctors usually recommend exercises in this phase. These are specific ones, depending on the type and severity of your sciatica pain. An exercise which might have helped a friend of yours may not have the same benefits for you. In contrast, it may worsen your pain. This is precisely why it is advised that you consult your doctor before beginning any exercises on your own.


Having stressed on the importance of exercises in treating sciatic pain, there are a few which are known to work in almost all cases. One of these is warm water exercises. These exercises are mainly beneficial when it comes to healing, and can benefit your body in a number of ways. However, it is strongly recommended that you refrain from warm water exercises if suffering from an acute injury. This is because the injury demands cold treatment. Nevertheless, warm water exercises can be carried out once you are in the healing phase.

Soaking in warm water offers numerous benefits, some of which are increased blood circulation, loosening up of tight muscles and relaxation. Additionally, soaking also accelerates the healing phase. When the muscles get soaked they tend to become more pliable, and this in turn offers more flexibility. Therefore, soaking in warm water bath for a short time before you begin exercising is also a good idea.

Once you are relaxed, it becomes relatively easier to carry out the exercises.  Here, we focus on the ones you can under water. Needless to say, doing these will be much easier than the regular exercises, since being suspended in water releases the greater amount of pressure from your muscles, joints, discs, spine and ligaments.


Water exercises are advantageous, not only because they make your muscles work harder, but also minimize the stress and impact they have on your body when you exercise. A simple walk in the water is quite effective in reducing muscle pain and spasms.

Water walking exercise

Most health experts recommend water or warm water exercises after a patient has suffered a sciatica flare-up. These exercises are also known to treat other forms of back pain. In fact, most health experts are of the opinion that these warm water exercises are the most beneficial in treating lower back pain because they simultaneously work to minimize inflammation and strengthen the muscles. All this eventually helps to keep your sciatica and back pain under check.

Exercises are very important for an individuals’ well being. In addition to carrying out these water exercises, there are various other exercises a person can grow into. Nevertheless, the basics of exercising are the same, regardless of whether you choose to do the water ones or the regular ones. Always go for a 5-minutes warm up routine before beginning any exercise. This could be a simple walk or warming up on your exercise bike for a little while.

When beginning exercises, plan on doing gentle stretching exercises for your back first, and then gradually go on for the strengthening ones. Once you are comfortable with your regular exercise routine, you could also incorporate some low impact aerobic workouts in your regimen too. Finding a balance between these workouts and exercises will provide mobility to your body, and also reduce the possibilities of future re-occurrences of sciatica or back pain.

To conclude, sciatica and exercises go together and especially if you are aiming for long term relief. Nevertheless, it is strongly recommended that you always consult your doctor or therapist before beginning any exercises.

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